Why is it worth?


Why it's worth it

The Hobby Fair is a great opportunity to reach both customers who are just starting their adventure with the field presented by you, and passionate enthusiasts.
At Hobby you will meet, among others:

  • modelers,
  • board game players - both beginners and geeks,
  • competitors of RC cars races,
  • people interested in sewing and DYI,
  • AFOLs – Adult Fans Of LEGO,
  • kids fascinated by sport,
  • both young people and adults open to new fields,

HOBBY will allow you to build and strengthen your brand in the consciousness of the audience - the fair is an opportunity to meet your regular customers and establish new relationships.

We are open to cooperation in the joint promotion of your events, co-creating interesting and unique attractions. We also offer logistic support in terms of stand building or equipment.

Associations, individual modelers and collectors
Hobb is the perfect time to present your achievements and collections, meet similar enthusiasts, as well as sell or exchange exhibits.
We offer support in the implementation of exhibitions, shows and attractions!